‘Tis the season of gift giving.  Tra la la la la la la.

We have a tasty option.  Why not a gift basket full of delicious fine foods!

We have a selection of pre-made baskets waiting for you to choose from, or, we can customize gift baskets to meet your needs, the occasion, price range, or knowledge of your clients’ preferences.

For example, a tea or coffee theme with some cookies and/or sweet treats to complement, a grouping of solely gluten free products, a focus on excellent regional cheeses, paired with complementary condiments and accompanied by some fine crackers, or even a sweet basket for the chocoholic filled entirely with all chocolate items!!!

You are also welcome to come in and choose the items yourself and then let the elves put the basket together and tie on a beautiful bow.  For themed or custom baskets, please allow the elves 24 hours.

What do you say?


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