This Saturday, October 29, Susan Potter & Louise Allard from DiversiTea will be featuring their teas in Pêches et Poivre.  As Susan said: “We are pleased to join with Peches et Poivre in bringing you affordable, local and organic tea”.

8430141DiversiTea, now in it’s fourth year of operation, was born from the owner’s love of tea.  Discovering the types, properties and flavours, ignited the desire to learn more and experiment with organic teas, natural flavours, home grown and locally sourced herbs and fruits. Susan and Louise use tea from sustainably managed tea estates and organic sources both locally and worldwide. They then blend their teas in Ottawa South in small batches to ensure the freshest quality.  They currently have developed about 60 different blends from black to green, white, puerh, a number of wellness blends, herbal/rooibos, and even 2 oolong blends.  People who have tried DiversiTea blends have commented to us how smooth and non-bitter they are.



Join us this SATURDAY OCTOBER 29, from 11am to 4 pm for a good cup of tea!



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