For our celebration this coming Saturday, May 21  we asked Meow! That’s Hot to be part of the celebration! That’ll heat things up!

Their hot sauces are produced in small batches with no additives or preservatives, ensuring a consistently high quality product since 2007.

They’re packing heat and flavour in a bottle. meow-thats-hot

The quality of the ingredients is important to Larry Russell, the “minister of fiery affairs” and Stephanie Christie, the “director of infernal affairs.” They hand selected chiles, fruits, and vegetables that make for great sauces.

They started with the Fire Kitty and add other hot concoctions. These sauces are great on their own as dipping sauces, or as marinades, in cocktails, and anywhere you use hot sauce.

So heat things up this weekend! Stop by Pêches & Poivre  on Saturday May 21 from 11ish to 3ish for a taste of flavourful hotness!

More information to come…stay tuned!

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