Event: Sampling of olive oil and canned seafood (SolFarmers), May 7, 2016 from 11 to 4pm at Peches & Poivre.

Spanish Cuisine. Assorted tapas on ceramic plates.

When I think of Spain, I think sun, I think sea, I think Tapas, Paella and Olive Oil!

Alvaro and David from SolFarmers will be at Peches & Poivre sampling their Spanish delicacies on Saturday, May 7.  Hope to see you there!

We are very pleased to introduce some of the amazingly tasty food from SolFarmers. Alvaro and David have selected producers using traditional methods of production which haven’t changed much in hundreds of years.  They choose to work with artisanal farmers and seafood providers who pride themselves on top quality, incredible flavours, and beautiful presentation, for the food they produce.


Olive Oil

Did you know that Spain is the largest producer of Olive Oil in the world and cultivates more than 300 million olive trees covering an area of five million acres?

In recent years, Spanish olive oil producers have been focusing on quality, not just quantity.  Their work has paid off.  In 2016 at The New York International Olive Oil Competition, Spain took home 78 awards. Spain has a rich variety of olive cultivars that produce different flavours of oils.

We have selected to offer a few of SolFarmer’s olive oils to our customers.  One of them is Oro del Desierto, ranked best organic olive oil of the world on the TOP 50 world’s best olive oils 2015!!!

Canned Seafood

Some of the most valuable delicacies found in Spanish tins are sourced from the cold north seas: top-quality tuna, razor clams, sardines, mussels, octopus, squid and baby squid, and small scallops.

We have chosen to introduce the following: mussels, white tuna in olive oil in a glass jar, red (bluefin) tuna in olive oil, squid in olive oil, small sardines in olive oil.

Imagine the possibilities!!

See you on Saturday!

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