One of the few perks of spring and summer is that it’s BBQ season….YAY!!!!  Now is the time to start up the BBQ and try some new grill seasonings. We have what you need!  BBQ sauces, rubs, marinating sauces, and more.  We are especially pleased to offer one of Montréal’s best!  JOE BEEF spices and rubs.


Located in a working-class neighborhood of Montreal, Joe Beef was established in late 72005 as a 30 seat restaurant and expanded to 75 seats in 2011.

This restaurant is an homage to Charles “Joe-Beef” McKiernan, 19th century innkeeper and Montreal working class hero.  They ranked as the top 4th restaurant in ALL OF CANADA! in the 2016 listings for best restaurants in Canada. These awards are voted on by food critics, expert chefs, legendary restaurateurs, and elite diners from across the country.

They have their own onsite smokehouse, trout pond and vegetable garden, a much admired cookbook and….a retail spice line, available to you at Pêches & Poivre!

Their Products

The Joe Beef spices are actually the best steak spices I’ve ever had.  They don’t overpower the meat like a lot of store bought spices and it’s very well balanced.  It gives it a bit of tangy and smoked flavour, the cayenne pepper also does a good job. This is clearly a premium spice blend because of the quality of spices they use.


The Joe Beef steak sauce is delicious!  Serve with your favorite cuts and roasts of prime beef, veal or lamb, burgers, use to baste chicken, duck and pork.  Sprinkle generously after flipping your piece of meat.

After their ”Butcher’s blend” spices, discover their new creation: Joe Beef BBQ Rub.  It enhances the taste of meat, fish and poultry.


Check out the new hot sauce Joe Beef.  Spicy enough to look great at your next oyster party !

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