Week 9 – Sunday, November 29 through Saturday, December 5.



images tumblr_lzfwgyjWVG1r7yz7x Molecul-R spaghetti mole2For the chemist and food lover on your list: MOLECUL-R.
Molecular gastronomy is now accessible with the help of the Molecul-R Kit. These kits are intended to democratize this culinary trend by making products and techniques associated with it available to amateur cooks. Play with your food by making pearls with vinegar, spaghetti with chocolate or create colour and tasty foam for drinks or desserts with Strawberry juice.


perrier-propose-ses-cocktails_94011_wide Molecul-r drinks moleclueR-WebAd

For the mixologist, MOLECULE-R has overhauled the classic mixed drink and transformed the dull party cocktail into a scientifically scrumptious experience. With the Cosmopolitan, Mojito, and Margarita R-EVOLUTION kits, anyone can now play the mad scientist and deconstruct their favorite cocktail into various surprising textures, without a laboratory.



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