The people on your list are hard to buy gifts for because they have everything? You don’t have a clue what to give your foodie spouse, son, daughter or friends? Have you considered giving the divine gift of cheese that will extend in time after the holidays?

We can help! You can give the gift of fine artisanal cheeses delivered to, or picked up by, the giftee, by giving them membership in the Monthly Cheese Club.

How does it work?images

  • Choose how many months you want to give (2 months or more).
  • Give us the name (or names) of the person(s) receiving the gift. You can buy as many months of cheese club membership as you want that you can share between different people. For example, you can buy 3 months cheese membership to give to one person or split it between 3 different people. We only ask that they call us the 1st Thursday of the month they wish to receive their package to set a time for delivery or pick up on the last Thursday of the same month.
  • We will give you Cheese Club Membership gift certificates for you to wrap for each recipient.

How easy and delicious is this?


For more information, please call us (613) 256-5764

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